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Top 10 Wedding Stationery Trends of 2024

Wedding invitations and stationery play an essential role in bringing your wedding together, offering important information, guidance, and a touch of magic too! Your invitations are literally what tell your guests where to be and when to be there on your big day, and your wedding stationery should reflect your personality and style. You don’t need […]

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Creating Your Dream Highlands Wedding at The Farm at Old Edwards

There are many considerations that go into creating the perfect wedding—certainly more than anyone imagines before they start planning! The different features of a wedding come together like a field of wildflowers, each new element adding beautiful colors in creative arrangements, but few choices have a bigger impact than the wedding venue.  For decades, The […]

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Wedding Etiquette: Addressing Invitations

Etiquette. I know, I know. It’s not on the fun side of things like watercolor and calligraphy are. There are so many rules, how on earth are you supposed to keep them all straight?! Especially when you don’t have to use them every day? My favorite resource for wedding etiquette is, and always will be, […]

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When should I order my wedding invitations?

Do you know when to order your wedding invitations? This post will help you determine when to order with Dear Kathryn based on your wedding month!

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The Anatomy of a Wedding Invitation Suite

Ever wonder what you have to include in your suite and what’s optional? Happy to walk you through all of that in this post!

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Semi-Custom vs. Custom Wedding Invitations

What’s the difference between semi-custom and custom wedding invitations, and which one is right for me?

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I used to get the Sunday Scaries…on Saturday.

I used to get the Sunday Scaries on Saturday…and here’s why I’m not afraid of Mondays anymore!

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10 Fall Color Palettes to Use for Your Wedding Invitations

10 Fall color palettes to make your wedding invitation suite pop

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I’ve been waiting YEARS to do this…

I have officially gone full-time with invitation design, calligraphy, and watercolor!

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10 Summer Color Palettes to Make Your Wedding Invitations Pop

10 summer color palettes to make your wedding invitation suite stand out from the crowd

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