Top 10 Wedding Stationery Trends of 2024

Wedding invitations and stationery play an essential role in bringing your wedding together, offering important information, guidance, and a touch of magic too! Your invitations are literally what tell your guests where to be and when to be there on your big day, and your wedding stationery should reflect your personality and style.

You don’t need to follow every trend to design the perfect wedding stationery, but exploring modern trends can help you give your creativity a boost as you handpick the special stationery designs that will surround you and your betrothed at your wedding.

These wedding stationery trends for 2024 are perfect for inspiring you while you choose what is right for your big day!

Save the Date and Invitation Trends

Save the Date card and the invitation to your wedding are two pieces of wedding stationery that work hand-in-hand. The save the date arrives as an initial announcement and is followed up when the invitation arrives with more information about the celebration. 

You can have stunning, modern wedding announcements in 2024 using these top trends!

Mallary & Will’s whimsical invitation suite | Photo by Lavender & Light Photography

1. Whimsical Invitations

Throughout much of modern history, wedding invitations have been fairly formal, but times are changing. In 2024, wedding stationery trends and decor are striving for a bit of whimsy, bringing a touch of bold human creativity to their styles. 

Whimsical invitation designs can vary and are truly at their best when they reflect the personality of the couple. Find unique patterns, combine unusual colors, and choose varying textures. Remember to strive to see the beauty in every little imperfection!

2. Letterpress Printing

Letterpress printing can be used as a standalone bold feature or even to create contrast–but remember that not all letterpress prints look the same. While traditional styles use blocky letters, this year’s newlyweds are looking for something a little more vivacious. 

Choose a unique font that conveys the equally original celebration you’re inviting people to. These consistent letters can dress up any design, and they can be even more powerful when combined with the effects of handwritten components. Letterpress printing can even be used to give that perfect handwritten style if you choose the right font! 

3. Die Cut Invitations and Shapes

The standard rectangular invitation is getting a major makeover in 2024, with many couples opting for something with a little more vibrancy. Die cut invitations are made when a unique shape is cut out of a specific material, allowing couples to trade more standard shapes for some new and exciting designs instead.

Die cut oval details cards | Photo by Couick Photography

From sunburst shapes to circular invitations with wavy edges, there are plenty of die cut shapes to explore for your Save the Dates and invitations. Choose shapes that are unusual and intriguing–or fun and festive. Whatever feels right for you is the shape to go with.

This year, couples are designing their weddings how they want them–no outside opinions needed!

RSVP Card Trends

Often paired with the invitation, RSVP cards play a crucial role in wedding planning–helping you to define who will attend your wedding! These essential cards should be beautiful and eye-catching to make sure you receive timely responses.

4. RSVP Cards and Online RSVPs

Online RSVP card with QR code | Photo by Lavender & Light Photography

More and more couples are choosing to collect their RSVPs online through their wedding website. With that said, that doesn’t mean that you RSVP card has to have a boring design! If you’re collecting your RSVPs virtually, I still suggest having a separate response card so that the attention is drawn to the response date and to your website. One of the best ways to call attention to your RSVP card is die cut shapes! These can be circles, ovals, wavy edges, arched, or even in the shape of your wedding crest. We can also do different colored papers, textured papers, or folding cards. Your guests will appreciate each and every special detail, even on this smaller RSVP card!

Wedding Day Stationery Trends

There are many reasons to add wedding day stationery to your lineup. These critical pieces of stationery can help you to guide, encourage, and add even more fun to your wedding. Make sure everyone knows where to be, what to do, and how to make the most of their time at the celebration!

5. Hand Painted Designs

Peacock chinoiserie vellum wrap with gold wax seal | Photo by Lavender & Light Photography

Painting offers a beautiful blend of art, color, and texture in a way that few mediums can, so it is no surprise that many couples are choosing hand painted designs in 2024. Whether you’re dressing up your wedding menu with beautiful watercolors or adding hand painted designs to nameplates on the tables, a little paint can add even more beauty and splendor to your big day. 

Remember–hand painted designs come in many forms. Floral patterns, woven vines, or even imagery of passions or family life can help you make your stationery all your own.

6. Bows that Bind

On your wedding day, two become one as you are both bound together in love and in life. Few creations make binding more beautiful than the classic bow, making it a wonderful symbolic touch to add to your every design.

Bows can be painted or drawn for imagery, but they can also be added physically using ribbon or yarn for more of a tactile touch. Find the perfect design, material, and colors to represent your bond!

Toile wedding menu design | Photo by Couick Photography

7. Toile Patterns

Minimalistic design has been popular for ages, and there is no denying that it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. However, in 2024, more couples are looking to bring color, texture, and art to their wedding days–and toile patterns are an exceptional way to do just that. 

Toile patterns come in many different forms, covering a backdrop with intricate and flowing patterns that seem to grow on the very pages they cover. Find a pattern that speaks to you on your big day. In some ways, these patterns are like love itself–intricate, connected, and sometimes unexpected.

Wedding Design Trends

Your wedding design should have a style that reflects you and your fiance, all while offering a style that is guaranteed to turn heads at your wedding venue.

8. Maximalist Design

Big, bold, and beautiful is the theme of 2024, and maximalist design is bringing it to life. With its eye-catching style, a maximalist design is perfect for crafting wedding signs that stand out and tell people what they need to know. From announcing the wedding to providing instructions for guests, use loud and proud designs that demand attention!

Photo by Lavender & Light Photography

9. Minimalistic Design

Don’t worry, this style isn’t going anywhere in 2024! Trends change, but some things stay the same. Minimalist design continues to be popular among many couples in 2024. If you’re looking for something chic and classy, a minimalistic sign design can be the perfect way to bring everything together. Elegant, understated, and beautiful, minimalistic design is always a fan favorite–and when used correctly, it will always demand attention.

10. Cool Color Themes

Whether your theme is bold or relaxed, cool color themes can help bring it all together. This approach is becoming increasingly popular in 2024 as more couples seek to show the cool comfort that balances the fiery passion of their love. Deep blues, greens, and purples are highly favored, especially when blended with white or off-white backdrops!

Find the Wedding Stationery Designs You Just Can’t Live Without

There are no right or wrong decisions on your wedding day, only the ones that feel right and represent the love you both share. At Dear Kathryn, I offer custom wedding invitations made with intentional details–and I would be happy to guide you through designing thoughtful wedding stationery that brings the right look and feel to your big day. If custom isn’t your jam, I also offer several semi-custom options that are available for tighter timelines and smaller budgets.

From that first Save the Date to thank you notes for your guests after your special day has come to a romantic end, I will work with you to find the right design to reflect your personalities and your special love story.

To start exploring designs that meet your every need, schedule a discovery call for an initial consultation and custom estimate!

Together, we will make sure that your story is written in the stars–and on gorgeous stationery!