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Embellish your wedding invitations with wax seals, envelope liners, belly bands, and more. Mix and match designs with your suite to customize it even further!


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frequently asked questions


Can I order embellishments by themselves (without having purchased a suite)?


Sure thing! The only thing you aren't able to purchase on its own is the Assembly and Mailing Service. Envelope liners are designed to fit my preferred envelopes, so if you purchase those without a suite please note that they may not fit exactly into your envelopes. Contact me if you have any questions or concerns!


Is postage included in the assembly and mailing service?


No. Postage is calculated based on your invitation suite's weight and will be purchased separately. You'll receive a separate invoice for postage.


How much ribbon should I order?


The suggested length for tying this silk ribbon around your invitations is 22 inches and silk ribbon is sold in spools of 32 yards (which may or may not be continuous lengths). Suggested quantities are listed on the description page for Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon!


Can i order a custom wax seal?


Of course! If none of the offered designs are exactly what you're looking for, reach out to me. I'm happy to put an estimate together for you! Please note that a custom wax seal will incur a design fee.

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