When should I order my wedding invitations?

When to start designing your wedding invitations based on your wedding date

Hi there! Lately I’ve been getting a few questions about when you should start the invitation design process. 6 months out? A year out? 2 years out?! Here’s your answer!

If you’re working with Dear Kathryn (yay!!), we suggest booking with us at least 10-12 months ahead of time. For us, the design process will normally begin about 8 months before your wedding date (sooner than that if you’re having a destination wedding). And we usually need every bit of that timeframe, especially if your suite is full of beautiful watercolor and calligraphy! (Keep in mind that booking and design process are separate things and don’t happen at the same time. Booking ahead of time ensures that we have space available in the design calendar, so the sooner the better!)

A super easy way to figure out when we need to start the design process is to work backwards from your date. The first part of your suite that goes out is the Save the Date. These normally go out 6-8 months before your wedding date. We need about 2 months for design and printing of your Save the Dates.

So, if your wedding is in October, you should send out your Save the Dates in April (6 months before your wedding date). That means we should start designing them in February. Does that make sense?

Let’s simplify this whole thing with a fun chart (and feel free to pin it to your wedding board on Pinterest!):

As always, feel free to email me or fill out the contact form if you’d like a custom quote for your wedding invitations or if you have any questions about this blog post! Happy to help any way I can :). Thanks for stopping by!