I've designed four different announcements for you to choose from. Because my main goal is to help reduce the stress of having to postpone, I'm offering the customization on the house.

1. select your Announcement

the process

Let's customize the wording, your names, your website, and the color! Simply fill out the form. Please choose your print color from the chart, and note that lighter colors may not be as readable as darker colors.

2. send me your customizations

You will have two rounds of proofing after I receive your information. Anything above two rounds may incur a design fee. I send my proofs via Dubsado, my project management system. You'll have a secure portal to access these proofs. After I've received your final approval, we'll move to the next step!

3. proofing

You can choose to have me handle the printing or to receive your announcement as a free printable PDF via email. To reduce stress, I'd love to help you print and mail your announcements (I can put together a printing estimate for you before you make your decision). I'm offering 50% off printing and material costs. We can easily print your guests' addresses and your return address on your envelopes. If you choose the free printable PDF option, envelopes and envelope printing are not included.

4. production

send it over »

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In some cases, you may be able to change the ink color of the wording. If you choose to do this, please note that colors may appear differently on a computer screen than they do on paper. Lighter colors other than what is currently on your design may not appear legible once printed. If you have a question about this, please ask when you fill out your customization form!

ink color

Only the wording can be changed on your design. Borders, design elements, and total layout changes cannot be added to semi-custom announcements and current design elements cannot be changed. If you'd rather order a custom announcement from me, please fill out the inquiry form so I can put together an estimate for you!

wording & design elements

get an estimate

If you choose the printed option, your announcements will come with white envelopes. If you'd like to change the envelope color, the available colors are listed below and are an additional cost. All envelopes have a matte finish. I do not carry metallic finishes. When ordering envelopes, please keep in mind that the USPS requires a legible recipient address as well as a return address. I am happy to handle those things for you for an additional fee. If you're using dark envelopes, I highly recommend white ink printing so that the contrast is enough for the post office to read the address easily. White ink printing is at a slightly higher price point. Dear Kathryn is not responsible for any mail that is deemed undeliverable by the USPS.

Here is a list of envelope colors you may choose from when ordering your announcement (the colors with an asterisk* are the ones I recommend for white ink printing):

envelope colors








dusty rose



powder green


park green

lockwood green*


mid green

dusty blue













real grey

dark grey*

ultra black*



good things to know

Customization and proofing can take about a week, depending on how fast I receive your edits. If you choose the print-at-home PDF option, you will receive your file within 24 hours of your final proof. If you choose to have me print your announcements, please allow up to one week for production.


Digital printing usually takes 2-4 business days after I've sent your design to print. That timeline is always subject to change based on quantity and the printer's schedule.

printing production

If I'm not assembling and mailing your announcements for you, I typically use USPS for shipping. However, if you'd rather me send your items via FedEx or UPS, I'll happily do that at the cost of shipping. No matter which shipping method I use, I'll provide a tracking number for you and will send it to you via your online portal.

When I use the USPS for shipping, I always ship Priority Flat Rate. Sometimes your package arrives within two days, sometimes it takes a week! As much as I wish I could, I cannot control what mood the United States Post Office is in, or how they handle your package. If you have a question about your tracking, please reach out to the postal service, as they will have more information than Dear Kathryn does.

Speaking of handling, when shipping your package to you, I make sure that your suite is wrapped with the best care possible. I use packing paper and plastic wraps to keep your invitations secure. However, sometimes when it leaves my hands, packages go through the wringer. While I wish I could hand deliver everything myself, I can't be held responsible for damage caused by the USPS or any other shipping service.


Assembly can take anywhere from one to three days depending on the number of pieces. If Dear Kathryn is also mailing your assembled pieces out for you, please add another business day onto your timeline, as I may miss the mail deadline for that particular day. If I'm mailing out your announcements, I ensure that every piece is taken to the post office at the same time. You will receive confirmation once I've handed them to the USPS. I am not responsible for USPS losing items, returning them, or for mail taking longer than expected to arrive at its destination.

assembly & mailing

Because of the customization of my semi-custom invitation suites and the pieces that are ordered with the suite, I do not offer returns, cancellations, or exchanges on any products.

return & cancellation policy

If there is an error on the announcement due to client fault, there is nothing I can do. My print approval form is a binding agreement, and once it's signed, you give approval that everything is spelled correctly and all information is correct. I cannot be held responsible for errors made on your part.

If there is an error to your announcement that has been made by Dear Kathryn, I will of course offer complimentary reprints!

refunds due to error